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Main Services

Creating consistent and all-inclusive change.

Based on the needs of your organization, you may not need us to perform each service. Peruse our services and see what works for you! For more explanation on the event planning, outsourcing coordination, or any of the main services listed below, feel free to schedule a free consultation!


In collaboration with school boards and leadership, we look into the history of the community, examine the state of the school or school district, we interview leadership on the goals and vision, and create a cohesive strategy to fill in the gaps and improve the culture of the school or school district. 

This phase involves:

  • Community Assessment: Collecting data on the health, wealth, and meaning in the school's ecosystem.​​

  • Vision Mapping: Discussing with leadership what the vision of the school is and integrating that vision into each phase of development. 

  • Planning : Creating a cohesive plat with defined pivot points, objectives, and metrics.

Student Development 

After creating the strategy, one tactic that we like to use is to create a strong base of student leaders to create bottom-up change within the school. Outside of meeting with our staff several times a week to work through our curriculum, these students go on field trips, participate in a Teacher Support Initiative, engage in project-based learning.

This goals for this phase are the following:

  1. Teach student’s how to grow in wisdom and how to identify wisdom in their decision-making

  2. Empower student’s to become leader’s within their realm of influence, and every community they are apart of.

  3. Guide students as the develop an increased sense of purpose.

  4. Create a stronger sense of community and connectivity between school staff, students, and legal guardians.

  5. Activate parents and legal guardians as members in the school’s ecosystem and pivotal player’s in their children’s education.

Staff Development 

Wherever we go we see staff that feel like they are drowning in a sea of responsibilities, many of which are in addition to their role as educators. We provide trainings to the staff, provide a presence in the school, and start an initiative for your student leaders to support their teacher's in the classroom. 


This service involves:

  • Staff Pain-Point Discussion

  • Staff Development Opportunities

  • Student-Teacher Support Initiative

"Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system."


–Sidney Hook

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